With its robust architecture and comprehensive integrations, VANDiWare® ecosystem empowers OPERATIONS, SECURITY, COMMAND & CRISIS RESPONSE MANAGEMENT by managing diverse physical equipment with automatic decision making and reasoning methodologies, equipped with intelligent video, audio and business analytics.

Information gathered from brand-independent legacy systems and inputs from various stakeholders through multiple modes of communication, are analyzed in real-time to provide effective automated response management solution.

  • Open-platform distributed PSIM solution
  • Interactive multi-layer maps for visual inference action
  • Incident Management and Real-time Automated Response
  • Compatible and compliance with Industry standard protocols
  • Fully supported Web services and enabled for mobile devices
  • Customisable interface : On-line reports and audit with authentication
  • Distributed and Scalable to across vast geographical locations
  • Aggregation & LIVE processing of disparity data & events from diverse equipment and systems
  • System Integration Compatibility : Intrusion, Fire protection, Access control, GIS, GPS, iOT, PLC, SCADA, etc.
  • Comprehensive Operations, Access, Security and Response Management
  • Indigenous Application modules to support customised analytics
  • Configuration, Control and Monitoring from single platform
  • Easy to layover existing infrastructure migrating to new operation methodologies

Being open-platform, Information gathered from brand-independent legacy physical security systems and inputs from diverse command and control centres, are analysed in real-time to provide effective automated response management solution, well customised to the ever-changing requirements from the ground.

VANDiWare provides answer to implementation challenges, with an open modular distributed solution that can work with diverse brands of legacy systems using proprietary or industry standards, to be managed from single platform across vast geographical locations.


With modular architecture, scaling up to create integrated security systems of any level of complexity, allowing organisations to streamline security management, better manage information, improve intelligence, enhance operations, enable remote management tools and enhance overall visibility.

Response time is an important aspect of emergency response. Customizable event descriptions with predictive response scenarios increase the effectiveness of prompt response on ground.

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AI enabled industry specific analysis, relevant and accurate assessments based on defined operational procedures, help organisations to proactively predict with deep insights to make an informed decision.

Vandiware empowers city administrations, transportation authorities and communities in designing liveable environments for implementing policies that provide accessibility, security and safety, sustainable mobility and reliable coordination in responding to incidents - enhancing the overall standard of living.

VANDiWare® emphasises effectively using data and analytics as well as improving analysis, performance measurement, and evaluation research; improving efficiency; and encouraging innovation.

VANDiWare® helps in implementing strategies and methodologies specifically designed to help the organization to deal with a sudden and significant event.

  • Preparedness: Operational Readiness
  • Integrated Response with priorities
  • Reassurance : Continuity of operations

Delivering outcomes to cities that exemplify liveability, has always been a challenge. Vibrant public places, efficient transportation and sustainable communities are catalysts in creating a livable city.